standard-title Prevention with Long Lasting Impregnated mosquito Nets (LLINs)

Prevention with Long Lasting Impregnated mosquito Nets (LLINs)

malaria_content5An important preventive measure is the use of bed nets. Bed nets impregnated with insecticide provide additional protection by their repellent properties and the impact they have on the mosquitoes (mortality) and possibly the mosquito population (when overall coverage of nets in a population is high).

The LLINs provided to high risk mobile populations in Suriname are of a specific design. The design was established prior to the onset of the current Program via community involvement and can be used for both beds and hammocks. They are distributed via the MSD network and during ACD surveys. Villages close to mining areas where transmission still occurs are considered susceptible to malaria re-establishment and are included in the LLINs distribution. Distribution here is done in cooperation with Medical Mission (MM), a government funded foundation responsible for primary health care in stabile populations in the Interior.